General Studies, Associate of Science -OR- Associate of Arts

The most flexible and open format to pursue your education with a degree that will transfer anywhere.

The General Studies degree is the most flexible, open format to pursue your education with a degree that will transfer anywhere. The General Studies program is an interdisciplinary degree based on Ancilla’s solid general education core, plus courses of your choosing. Based on your interests and the type of degree you want to pursue, you will get individualized help from one of our advisors to determine the best courses needed to meet your goals.

Why create your own degree?

This program will offer you new ways to integrate new knowledge, learn to solve problems, define your own value system and explore others. Use the General Studies program to build a broad range of knowledge and skills you will need for future academic work or direct application in today’s workforce. You will be challenged by the General Studies program, and you will get the help needed to meet that challenge.

You will be asked to explore and compare fields like communications, history, humanities, math and science, and reapply your knowledge in new ways. You will increase your reading skills, build new writing proficiency, engage in research, develop discussion skills, and sharpen the ability to think critically, question, and make decisions in a changing world.

After graduation from Ancilla, the general studies student would typically transfer into a senior institution to major in a distinct discipline, with this Ancilla course work serving as the majority of the general education requirements of the transfer institution.

The General Studies program consists of 42 required credits and allows for 18 elective credits in areas of the student’s choice.  The following four-term course plan demonstrates the requirements and the opportunities this program provides.

A Word from an Ancilla General Studies Graduate

Suggested Schedule of Classes

Usual first semester courses

  • Freshman Seminar
  • Writing I
  • Public Speaking
  • Computer Literacy
  • Humanities or Fine Arts Course
  • Elective

Usual second semester courses

  • Writing II
  • College Algebra
  • World Literature I  or American Literature I
  • Science Lab Course
  • Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology Course

Usual third semester courses

  • World Literature II  or American Literature II
  • Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology Course
  • Economics, History, Political Science,Psychology or Sociology Course
  • Religion or Philosophy course
  • Elective

Usual fourth semester courses

  • Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology Course
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective

General Elective Requirements: 16 credit hours

General Education Requirements: 45 credit hours

ASSOCIATE DEGREE TOTAL: 60-62 credit hours