Hospitality and Tourism, Associate of Science

Up your game in the service industry

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Ancilla College’s Hospitality and Tourism associate of science degree program has been designed to provide an academic curriculum where a well-rounded liberal arts education, general business knowledge, and general management principles are taught and provided as well as providing the knowledge and fostering skills specific to hospitality, lodging, tourism and other leisure businesses.

Suggested Schedule of Classes

Usual first semester classes

Writing I

Freshman Seminar


Religion or Philosophy

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism


Usual second semester classes

Writing II

Public Speaking


Financial Accounting


Usual third semester classes

Risk Management

Hotel and Lodging Management

Managerial Accounting

Personal Finance

Business Law



Usual fourth semester classes

Facilities Operations



Principles of Management

Principles of Marketing

Concentration Requirements: 18 credit hours

General Education Requirements: 44 credit hours

ASSOCIATE DEGREE TOTAL:  60-62 credit hours

What are my career options with this program?

Food and Beverage Manager

Human Resources

Lodging Management

Travel and Tourism Management,

Casino Management