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The School of Business at Ancilla College offers a 2-year Associate of Science degrees in Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, Logistics & Inventory Systems, and Sports Management.

Earning a degree in business can open a world of opportunities and employment in today's competitive job market. The demand for business graduates is always high because of the number of career opportunities available to you. At Ancilla you'll learn what it takes to succeed, to lead, and to thrive.

School of Business Learning Outcomes

Students in the Business programs at Ancilla will have real-world course content, engaging teachers, and access to valuable internships and out-of-class experiences. As a graduate of the Ancilla College School of Business you will be educated, equipped, and empowered to:

  1. Develop and employ critical thinking skills for quantitative and qualitative decision-making in business and organizational management.
  2. Apply management and leadership principles to motivate and work effectively with others.
  3. Explain the competitive nature of the marketplace and develop a foundation of knowledge to competently and confidently compete.
  4. Describe the dynamics of an evolving global economy and the importance of ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities.
  5. Successfully transfer to programs of higher education or the marketplace through employment research and placement.

Business Administration

In Ancilla College’s Business Administration program you will gain powerful business skills and a foundation to build better business practices. Your degree will provide you with hands-on experiences and knowledge related to accounting, economics, management, business law, and marketing.

Your degree will do more than hang on a wall—it will show you’ve learned to solve problems, plan for success, think critically, lead a team, and adapt to changing environments. Students with concentrations in Business are prepared to contribute in either not-for-profit or profit-oriented organizations as either entrepreneurs, managers or skilled professionals.

Every company, no matter how small or large, needs educated people with leadership ability and an understanding of finance, marketing, and production.

For more information on the Associate Degree in Business Administration, click here.

Culinary Arts

ancilla culinary saladThe culinary arts degree prepares you for a successful journey into the culinary field. Come and learn with us in a farm-to-table environment from a world-renowned chef and professional staff in working restaurants and resorts.

For more information on the Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, click here.

Hospitality and Tourism

Ancilla College’s Hospitality and Tourism degree program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in this growing career field. The hospitality industry includes working in resorts, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, events, and meeting venues.

world ancillaAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 13 million people work in hospitality today, making about 8.6 percent of all employment. The hospitality industry is predicted to grow almost 20 percent between now and 2020, adding more than 2.2 million new jobs to the work force.

For more information on the Ancilla Hospitality & Tourism degree program, click here.

Logistics and Inventory Systems

Everything you drink, eat, and wear is delivered to you from somewhere else—sometimes half a world away. Logistics is the systematic design and management of the many ways you connect to the world.

A degree in logistics and inventory systems provides you with the tools and skills you need to understand the way the world moves, ships, stores, and delivers goods. A logistics degree from Ancilla is the best way to launch your career in this fast growing field.

For more information on the Associate Degree in Logistics & Inventory Systems, click here.

Sports Management

Sports Management is your entry point to a multi-billion dollar industry. Earning a degree in sports management can provide you with unique opportunities to pursue your dreams while also earning a great living.

From organizing community athletic leagues to working for professional sports teams, you’ll have opportunities to refine your communications, leadership, finance, and management skills. You’ll also be able to build a portfolio of your achievements that will demonstrate your ability to get results.

For more information on the Associates Degree in Sports Management, click here.

Ancilla Business (Management & Leadership Program)

The Ancilla College School of Business offers business management and leadership courses as part of the Blanchard Partner Network.

For specific details on our workplace training seminars and workshops, click here.