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About this Scholarship

Taking placement tests at Ancilla are no problem, and they may earn you scholarship money!  The Placement Achievement for College Education Scholarship (PACE) is designed to encourage nontraditional students who wish to return or start a college education. The award amounts, $2,500 or $1,500, are based on scores obtained on the College Placement Test.


  • 21-years of age or older and have attempted no more than 12 college credit hours at another college or university.
  • must complete the College Placement Test administered at no cost on Ancilla’s campus.
  • student must score above a certain level on at least three of the five tests.  (See the Testing Center or the office of Financial Aid for more details.)

Application Form

Please fill out this form completely, sign it, and submit it online before the specific scholarship deadline to be be considered for each scholarship you are applying for. A form must be completed for EACH scholarship to which you apply.

  • IMPORTANT: If the scholarship you are applying for requires a short essay, please attach that file here. You may also email that file, in Microsoft Word or .pdf format to Marcella Hopple at
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.