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About the Reach Scholarship

The Rewarding Excellent Achievements (REAch) Scholarship can be obtained by any high school graduate under the age of 21 (prior to the start of class this coming fall semester) and who has not already obtained more than 12 college credits.

The Reach Scholarship is designed to support students who have worked to achieve academic success in high school and seek a college degree as part of their educational journey. The scholarship is renewable for every year the student remains in full time status and retains a 2.5 Ancilla College GPA or better.

The Reach Scholarship is not affected by financial need and is available to any incoming student who meets the criteria in the chart, below.


  • Open to full-time students only.

In order to be considered for a REAch Scholarship, a student must complete Ancilla College’s admissions application, submit their high school transcript and provide SAT or ACT test scores. Ancilla rewards students who finish high school with high grades and above average achievement scores on college entrance tests like the SAT and ACT.