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About this Scholarship

The Koch-Bomarko Founders Scholarship was created to support the successful college education of students from Plymouth, Indiana and the surrounding high schools.


  • Must be a graduate of any school corporation of Argos, Bremen, Culver, LaVille, Plymouth or Triton, Indiana
  • or be a child of an employee of Bomarko in Plymouth, IN.
  • Must have an accumulative high school academic record of a B average or better.

The scholarship can be granted over continuous semesters, but a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester is required.

The award amount varies.

Application deadline: April 30

Application Form

Please fill out this form completely, sign it, and submit it online before the specific scholarship deadline to be be considered for each scholarship you are applying for. A form must be completed for EACH scholarship to which you apply.

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    IMPORTANT NOTE! -- -- Scholarship selection for the spring semester (beginning this January) applies to only new students coming to Ancilla for spring term.Current students (and students seeking to join Ancilla fall 2016) can apply for scholarships beginning January 1st.
  • Please type in your full name as a signature for this application.
  • IMPORTANT: If the scholarship you are applying for requires a short essay, please attach that file here. You may also email that file, in Microsoft Word or .pdf format to Marcella Hopple at
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