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About this Scholarship

The Sr. Victoriana Scholarship is an educational grant supported by the generous donations of Mr. & Mrs. John & Diane Shields.   The scholarship was started in 1988 and has been given to an Ancilla student for 23 consecutive years.

Sister Victoriana Kuech, born in Germany, was the oldest of five children and immigrated to the United States in 1923 at the age of 15 to care for an ill aunt living in Chicago, who was a member of the “Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.”

Sister Victoriana later joined the order and chose the role of teacher upon earning both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Science.  She taught many years at an orphanage in Chicago, and other locations in the Midwest as well.
In 1963, Sr. Victoriana began teaching at Ancilla High School and was later appointed to the Ancilla College faculty where she taught both Biology and Geology.

Retiring in 1967 after 50 years of teaching, Sister Victoriana continued her service to fellow sisters in the Ancilla Domini community as well as to disadvantaged people in the surrounding area.  She also continued her volunteer services to the American Red Cross and Civil Defense.  Sister Victoriana was a gentle, kind, compassionate and completely selfless lady who loved nature.  She died in 1992 and is laid to rest in the Mount Carmel Cemetery located on the grounds of the Convent in Donaldson.

The scholarship is designed to support and inspire students to model Sister Victoriana’s exceptional qualities in serving the needs of mankind.


  • To be considered for this award the student must be a college student enrolled in at least six credit hours at Ancilla with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Students must write a 100-word paragraph describing their involvement in local or regional civic organizations and describe what that involvement means to them.

The award amount varies.

Application deadline: April 30.

Application Form

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