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Taking summer classes at Ancilla College offers you several advantages.

Whether you are taking a course to fulfill a requirement at your home institution, seeking professional development to build new skills, or taking a course as a high school student to get ahead, you will find many ways to learn something new. You can come to Ancilla's beautiful campus and enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to small classes and close interaction with faculty, summer provides many rich academic opportunities in a comfortable and enjoyable setting. You can also go online with Ancilla and earn credit at home, at work, or on base, no matter where that is.

  • Summer classes can help you stay on track to graduate in four years.
  • If you're a student at another college or university, taking courses that will transfer back to your school will help you accomplish this closer to home.
  • Summer term is shorter, so you'll have time for other activities.
  • Taking classes during the summer can free up your fall schedule for high credit hour courses or electives.

Ancilla College offers dozens of freshman and sophomore level college classes in a variety of disciplines during Summer 2016. We offer two summer terms. Follow the instructions below to apply and register for classes.

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    Current Ancilla students

    If you’re currently a student at Ancilla College, you DO NOT need to apply again and can simply register for summer courses following the usual registration procedure with your academic adviser. You may be eligible for some financial aid if you have remaining eligibility from the 2016-2017 year.

    Non-Ancilla students

    If you’re currently a student in good standing pursuing a degree at another accredited college or university, you can take summer courses at Ancilla. Here’s how:

    1. Decide which classes to take

    For a full list of courses for click here. (Under “TERM” on the left side, select Summer One 2017 or Summer Two 2017 and then click “SEARCH.”)

    2. Apply for admission as a visiting summer student

    Complete the free online application here. You also will need to provide a current official copy of your transcripts to the Enrollment Management Office.

    3. Register for classes

    Once your application and transcripts have been processed and accepted, you’ll get a welcome email that contains instructions for how to set up your Ancilla email account and register for courses.

    4. Make sure your credits will transfer back to your home institution.

    Check with the registrar at your college or university to make sure the credits from the classes you take at Ancilla College will transfer back to your program. The TransferIN website is a very helpful tool in figuring out which credits might transfer, but it is not a final authority. Always check with your registrar to be sure.

    Independent studies and internships are not available for guest students.

    Cost & financial aid

    The cost for 2017 summer undergraduate courses is lower than our already inexpensive tuition.

    Summer Tuition

    • $370 per credit hour

    Early Bird & Jump Ahead Enrollment

    High school juniors and seniors can enroll in most Ancilla summer courses. Click here for details.

    • $125 per credit hour

    Limited Enrollment Fees

    These fees apply to students enrolled in eight or fewer credit hours in a semester.

    • Student Service Fee – $7.50
    • Library Fee – $7.50
    • Technology Fee – $12.50

    Unfortunately, guest students are not eligible for financial aid. Federal regulations mandate that students only receive financial aid at the school where they will get their degree. You can set up a payment plan through the Ancilla Business Office, which will allow you to pay the tuition balance in installments.

    Stay tuned for Summer 2018 tuition and fees.

    Need more information?

    Contact the Ancilla Enrollment Office with questions.
    574-936-8898 ext. 330

    Non-degree students

    If you’re not pursuing a degree but would like to take classes because you love to learn, call us today.