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Blueberry Bicycle Cruise

We hope you enjoyed 26 years of cruising Marshall County with us!

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    Due to declining number of volunteers and our need to focus on other events, Ancilla College will no longer be hosting the Blueberry Bicycle Cruise.

    We have contacted the Blueberry Festival and asked them to offer the event to other organizations who may be interested in taking over the ride. We hope that someone will step forward and take on this worthwhile opportunity. We have enjoyed the 26 years of cruising through the county with the riders, but as with most long term events, change is needed to continue.

    We are so grateful for those who have ridden year after year and brought along their family and friends. Our goal was to provide a fun and unique way to see Marshall County and to share fellowship among our alumni and visitors. Thank you for sharing in this event with us!

    We will post information on our Blueberry Bicycle Cruise FaceBook page once the status of the event is determined.

    Emily Hutsell

    Development & Alumni Relations Manager

    BS Indiana State University


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