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By Amanda Petrucelli

Nearly 200 cases of bottled water are on their way to Flint, Mich., thanks to Ancilla College Golf Coach Marc Green, the Poor Handmaids and staff and Ancilla golf students.

Green said the situation in Flint, which resulted in lead poisoning of anyone drinking city water, called him to the greater mission of the two-year, private college where he has served as men’s and women’s golf coach for nearly two years.

Part of the college’s mission includes teaching students to live values-centered lives and its sponsoring organization, The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, focuses on “standing with the poor and the powerless in the search for justice.” Green said bringing safe drinking water to Flint fits with this broader ideal.

Green said he felt called recently when Sr. Judith Diltz, PHJC provincial, reminded college staff to carry on the sisters’ mission.

“Helping the poor, helping the sick – and this is kinda both. This idea really touched me. It’s something that the students can see really helps,” Green said.

Green is driving the very full Charger bus to Mott Community College to present the donations.

Mott Community College, which is in Flint, is in Green’s conference, the MCCAA (Michigan Community College Athletic Association), he said. Chargers have competed against the Bruins and Al Perry, their athletics director, said he would distribute the water to Mott students and their families in need, according to Green.

“Service is something that all of the athletics teams do at Ancilla and whenever I think of service I think of doing something that the kids see the immediate impact of ,” Green said.

Learn more about the Flint water crisis here.

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Ancilla College is a liberal arts institution of higher learning sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and is part of The Center at Donaldson. The college’s religious tradition is Roman Catholic; its climate, ecumenical. In a caring environment, Ancilla serves a diverse population, as we transform and empower students to achieve high academic goals, lifelong learning, successful careers and values-centered lives.


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