On-Campus Housing

Ancilla College is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive educational experience. There are numerous educational and social benefits for students living in the residence halls that may not be realized by those living off campus. With this understanding, Ancilla College requires all freshman students admitted to the college to live in a college residence hall and carry a meal plan.

Students may be exempt from the requirement to live in the residence halls if they reside locally with a parent, legal guardian, dependent child, or spouse; or if they are 21 years of age on or before the start of the fall semester of their entering year. “Locally” is defined as within the counties of Marshall, Kosciusko, Fulton, Pulaski, Starke, St. Joseph or Elkhart.  To request an exception other than local, complete the attached form, accompanied by a written statement of parental consent, and email to: michelle.bougher@ancilla.edu before August 1st of the fall semester or January 1st of the spring semester.

Rooms with private bathrooms are now available in quiet, clean, three-story residence halls with fireplaces, media centers, study areas, laundry, and meditation rooms.

For the Fall semester, a $125 deposit is required in order to reserve a housing space.

Rooms are going fast; apply today!

Housing deposit returned upon room clear by Residence Director upon permanent vacated.

Low Cost and Easy to Apply!

Click below to fill out the housing application form. If you are planning on a specific roommate please add their name in the space provided. Roommates will be paired based on the criteria below. You will be notified about your room confirmation after we receive your deposit.

  • Ancilla housing room rates and meal plan are bundled and charged on a semester basis.
  • For all New or Transfer students–A $125 deposit is required in order to reserve a housing space. The deposit is returned to you when you check out provided you have caused no damages.  Rooms go fast; apply today!
  • Returning Residence Hall Students do NOT have to pay a deposit.
  • Housing is assigned based upon the date the contract and information sheet are received. You must apply to Ancilla College for admission before applying for housing. Apply for admission now! There’s no cost to apply. (Your housing will be assigned after your application for admissions is accepted.)
  • The Director of Residence Life and/or Resident Director reserves the right to move, consolidate, or add residents to rooms without the approval of any resident.  Residents may not refuse administrative room changes.
  • If you will be requesting a residence hall accommodation based on a documented disability, please contact the Director of Residence Life at suzette.keen@ancilla.edu by April 1.


Missing Student Protocol

Emergency Contact and Medical Forms You need to fill this out and mail or fax it to the Ancilla Business Office (fax: 574-935-1773)

Residence Hall Handbook These are the basic rules and details you need for living on campus.

Moving On Campus Guide

Housing Application

See below to fill out the housing application form. If you are planning on a specific roommate please add their name in the space provided. Roommates will be paired based on the criteria below. You will be notified about your room confirmation after we receive your deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: For New or Transfer students only–A $125 deposit is required in order to reserve a housing space.  Returning residence hall students do not need a deposit, simply fill out the housing application and submit.

The deposit will be credited to the returning student’s next semester tuition invoice. Ancilla College’s room and meal plan rates can be found here.

Current Home Address*
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Meal Plan*
*Note: Room and meal rates cannot be purchased separately.
Room Preference*
Do you have a request for a specific roommate? List his or her name above. Please note that only mutual requests will be honored and assignments will be made based upon receipt of the last contract.
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For the Fall 2020 semester, A $125 deposit is required in order to reserve a housing space. You will be prompted to fill out secure Pay Pal details after you click submit. Failing to enter your payment information on Pay Pal will prevent Ancilla from receiving your deposit and you WILL NOT be registered for housing. (If you are a 21st Century Scholar please contact the Business Office at 574.936.8898 Ext. 370.)

Terms and Conditions (please read carefully)


The resident agrees to abide by all Ancilla College rules and regulations listed in the College Catalog, the Student Conduct Code, the Student Handbook, and any other Ancilla College publications. Housing is smoke-free and substance-free. Therefore, residents are not permitted to have alcohol or alcohol containers in housing, and may only smoke in designated areas on campus.

The occupancy period runs from Thursday, August 20, 2020, to Saturday, May 8, 2021. All students are required to vacate College housing facilities within twenty-four (24) hours after their last examination or before official closing time, whichever comes first. All personal belongings must be removed from housing at the end of the academic year’s occupancy period or when a student chooses to withdraw from the college. The Residence Life Office will dispose of any belongings left by residents in accordance with the Confiscation Policy.

Residence halls and dining facilities are closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks; students are required to leave college housing by the posted date for each break. If college-sponsored activities require that a resident remains on campus during break, students must make arrangements with the Residence Life Office. Meal services are NOT provided during breaks.

Contract Period

Unless otherwise specified, this contract is for two semesters. Housing policies provide that a prorated refund of a student’s room and board charges will be made only if the College terminates this contract prior to the end of the two-semester period i.e., death of a student, involuntary military service, or verified medical resignation.

If a student voluntarily terminates this contract for any other reason after the drop/add date of the current semester, or contract is terminated or suspended by the College for disciplinary reasons, he/she shall be charged the full room charge for that semester. Board charges will be prorated from the date of departure. A student must remain a full-time student while in residence.


Each resident will complete and sign a Room Condition Report at the start of any room occupancy. This report will be used at the end of occupancy of the room assignment to determine whether any damage was done to the room. If no resident takes responsibility for any damages, each resident in that room will be charged equally for damages. The smallest, most reasonable group of residents will be charged for damage to public or shared living areas within the building if it cannot be determined which resident(s) caused the damage.

Under no circumstances shall the College be liable for any damage or loss of personal property of a student.


All resident students are required to be covered under a health insurance plan. The college will verify a student has such coverage upon acceptance to the College.

Food Service

A mandatory board plan is a part of this contract. Meal service is limited to the hours posted and the dates listed in posted materials.

No discounts are permitted because of special diet, religious activities, conflicting schedules, or college activities. Special dietary needs should be communicated by the student to the Director of Food Service directly. Meal Plan refunds will only be pro-rated until the last withdrawal date of the semester. Dining privileges are not transferable. The 19 meals per week plan consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday – Friday, and lunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays.

Rights of the College

Representatives of the College may enter a student’s room if the student is considered a danger to him/herself or those around him/her; in cases involving possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct and/or residence hall handbook; or for Health & Wellness Room Inspections.


The College does not provide personal transportation to or from the campus at any time for students or their guests.

Deposits and Fees

Ancilla College Housing Applications require a $125 deposit payable at the time the housing application is signed/submitted.

The deposit will be applied accordingly towards housing and/or damage charges.


Meal plans are included in Room and Board and all on-campus students take part in the standard 19 per week meal plan in the Student Dining/Life Center.


New Students: Students who have previously paid a deposit and subsequently choose not to attend Ancilla College forfeit their housing deposit.

Continuing Students: Students have until June 1st to cancel their housing contract for the next academic year/semester.

Acceptable Cancellation Requests:

The only reasons that a housing contract can be cancelled for continuing students, after published deadlines for the next academic year/semester are listed below:

1.Studying abroad or taking part in a college sanctioned mission trip during the semester

2.Participating in any of the following that are outside the Ancilla College region: a full-time internship, a required clinical experience, an approved co-op, or student teaching

3.Transferring, withdrawing or graduating

A student who is permitted or required to withdraw from the college for significant academic or medical reasons may receive a pro-rated refund to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Students who are not approved to cancel their contract (see above) are still financially responsible for their housing contract.

NOTE: If applications for on-campus housing exceed the number of housing spaces available, the college reserves the right to utilize residential common areas, local apartment facilities, or hotels for residential purposes pending assignment or relocation to permanent living space on campus.

The director of residence life determines exceptions and modifications to housing policy. This includes, but is not limited to space allocation, credit hour requirements, filling vacancies, temporary assignments, consolidations, gender assignments, disability accommodations, reserved housing, theme living, and contract cancellations.

Ancilla College reserves the right to make or change assignments, assign a new roommate, or consolidate spaces at any point of the academic year based on the needs of the program. The college also reserves the right to cancel a housing contract for academic failure, non-payment for services, breach of contract, criminal behavior, or violation of rules of conduct and/or housing regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook, in the Residence Life section of the Ancilla Website, and in other materials published by the college.


Please review your application, this contract, and the materials mentioned above for more details.
Please type your full name as your signature agreeing to the terms above.


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