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Kristina Merriman

MEET ANCILLA: This is Kristina Merriman, class of 2020. She wrote a bio about herself and her time at Ancilla. Read it here!

“My name is Kristina Merriman. I was born in Tennessee but moved to Indiana when I was eight years old. After graduating from Oregon-Davis, I decided to continue my education at Ancilla College. What a great decision! I now have my Associates in Communications and skills that I never had before.

Outside of my academics, I enjoy singing, playing volleyball, spending time with loved ones, and volunteering. Ancilla College has been by far one of the best experiences in my life. Not only did I receive a great education, but I got to know my instructors and classmates extremely well. My classes never had more than twenty students, which allowed each instructor to fully engage with each student. That is rare in college! I felt important, heard, and understood. Additionally, student life is wonderful here. I played on Ancilla’s volleyball team, became a member of PTK, and a member of the Arts Appreciation Club. Moreover, I pursued a work-study position and worked as a student ambassador. It is easy to get involved, all you have to do is put yourself out there!

I will be continuing my education at Purdue Northwest this upcoming fall, with a focus in Psychology. My goal is to become a counseling psychologist and work one-on-one with individuals who struggle to cope with their negative emotions. Ancilla gave me my first degree, a sense of belonging, and a positive outlook on my entire future. For that, I am eternally grateful.” – Kristina Merriman


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