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College Placement Testing at Ancilla College

Ancilla College offers applicants college placement testing (CPT) at our campus near Plymouth, Indiana.

We offer a testing in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere every weekday beginning at 9 am (EDT).

Ancilla staff are on hand to provide fast results and advising once you have completed your tests.


Schedule Your CPT

To schedule your test please contact the Center for Student Achievement

  • 574-936-8898 ext. 302
Center for Student Achievement

The Center for Student Achievement offers in-depth help, testing services, and support for your learning needs.

You can get more information on the Center here.

College Placement Test

The College Placement Test, or Accuplacer, is a comprehensive exam Ancilla College offers at no cost to prospective students to help guide your choice of courses. Generally scores of 500 or higher on each section of the SAT, or 20 in English, 20 in reading, 20 in math or higher on each section of the ACT can be accepted instead of the Accuplacer if they were completed within the last five years.

For example:  If your SAT score in English was 500 or more, or your ACT was 20 or higher, you can skip the Accuplacer and will start with ENGL110 Writing I.  In Math, if your scores were above 500 or 20 (SAT or ACT) you can skip the placement tests and enroll in MATH 110 College Algebra.

Placement tests are open-ended, multiple choice tests taken on a computer.  They have three sections: reading comprehension, essay (writing) and math.

Getting ready for the placement test

Practice tests for Math and Reading are available for your convenience. 

SAT & ACT Resources

Download these guides and read through them before testing. They’re free and worth the effort! 

The SAT Test is an exam based on common scholastic knowledge and skill in writing, reading, and mathematics. It takes roughly four hours to complete the three main sections: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.  Most of the test contains multiple choice questions, each with five possible answers. For comparison, the highest possible score in each of the three sections is 800 so a perfect SAT score 2400.

  • The College Board offers some exam sample questions here.
  • A guide to taking the SAT Test
  • The writing section of the SAT test is a general test of sentence structure, parts of speech, grammar, vocabulary knowledge and a written essay with a 25-minute time limit.
  • The critical reading section is a 70-minute test measuring your abilities in reading comprehension, theme identification, sentence completion and the ability to read critically.
  • The math section also last 70 minutes and measures your knowledge of geometry, algebra, statistics, probability, and data analysis.

The ACT Test is a different exam that is often used instead of the SAT.  The ACT contains five multiple choice curriculum-based tests on English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. There is also an optional Writing Test.


Nursing Notes

There are two different nursing programs at Ancilla College; the LPN bridge program and the ASN program.  To enter either program students must complete:

  1. A set of required courses at a grade of ‘B’ or better (3.0 on a 4.0 scale).
  2. An English placement test score of 9 or higher.



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