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MLK Day of Service

“Everybody can be great… because anyone can serve.”

Dr. Martin Luther King

The Ancilla College community will come together on January 20th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, to conduct a day of service.

This day of service will honor Dr. King’s legacy by engaging in acts of service in the community of Plymouth and at the Center at Donaldson. Students and staff will have the opportunity to engage in service in a variety of places to learn what it is to serve and to show our communities that we care. This will be a real chance to engage in those things that the legacy of Dr. King brings about.

All of Ancilla College will be part of this special day.


Monday, January 20, 2020 at 11:00am Cana Hall 

Lunch will be served before heading to your service project. Ice cream and reflection after completion of projects. 

Note: Dress appropriately for your project. (ie: don’t wear heels if you are building a fence on the farm).

Wear ANCILLA GEAR if possible! 

Where can I serve?

Click the boxes to expand and view more details. 

PHJC Motherhouse

PHJC Communications Office – This project will include helping with new video projects and digitizing old media. Some experience in these areas would be quite helpful. (2 students needed)

PHJC Environmental Services – The PJHC Environmental Services has a need for help in various cleaning projects. This would be a great project for all people. (8 students needed)

PHJC IT and Ancilla College IT – Working with PHJC IT and Ancilla College IT will include assisting with IT office workspace, including furniture assembly, clean-up and recycling efforts. Some experience with IT would be helpful, although there is enough to do for everyone. (4 students needed)

Maria Center – The Maria Center seeks people who want to involve themselves in service through various activities that include senior citizen residents and sisters. (13 students needed)

PHJC Archives Office – The PHJC Archives Office needs some helpers to finalize digital recording of photographs or inventory and cleaning in PHJC museum. This will be a very helpful job for any student. (2 students needed)

Lindenwood Retreat Center

Lindenwood needs help working with cards in the bookstore. There is also a need for various cleaning projects. (6 students needed)

Lindenwood needs detailed, creative people to help assemble photo greeting cards for the bookstore. (4 students needed)

CRS Building

At the CRS Building, the students in service will help take apart computers and prepare them for recycling. (3 students needed)


The work at the Greenhouse depends on the weather. There could be any number of outdoor or indoor jobs. These can include preparation for the garden, greenhouse, or compost, working with chickens, and various other indoor or outdoor jobs. (10 students needed)


The Farm needs help putting up a fence. This will be a great opportunity to serve for anyone. (15 students needed)

MoonTree and Ecological Relations

The work at Moontree and Ecological Relations depends on the weather. It can depend on everything from making appreciation cards for local senior citizens, picking up trash, clearing snow and debris from solar panels, making signs for Earth Week, and more. (35 students needed)

Catherine's Cottage

The work at Catherine’s Cottage will include cleaning and organizing projects to help with smooth running of house for older Sisters. (4 students needed)

Catherine Kasper Home

The library at the Catherine Kasper Home will include doing various data base work. (3 students needed)

Another aspect of the Catherine Kasper Home service includes visiting individuals at the home, participating in group activities with elderly Sisters and residents, and projects that help clean up. (18 students needed)

Ancilla College

Ancilla Campus Store has a need for people to help with organization, arranging merchandise, cleaning, and answering the Ancilla phone with guidance for transferring calls. (2 students needed)  SPOTS FILLED

The Library at Ancilla College needs help with a number of cleaning projects and scanning various booklets. (17 students needed)  SPOTS FILLED

Operation Quiet Comfort

This service project includes putting together packages for soldiers overseas. (15 students needed)

Real Services

Real Services works with the elderly population in the area. This project will include working with an elderly senior citizen to help them with various things around their house. (10 students needed)

Bread of Life

Bread of Life is a local food pantry. The pass out a lot of food each week. They need general help, from cleaning to stocking shelves. (15 students needed)

Marshall County Neighborhood Center

The Marshall County Neighborhood Center helps a number of people out in Marshall County through their food pantry, clothes closet, and more. The students working here will do a variety of jobs to help the center out. (8 students needed)

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club needs a thorough cleaning of the club. This will include deep cleaning to ensure that the club is able to be used well by its members. (5 students needed)  SPOTS FILLED

Plymouth Public Library

The Plymouth Public Library needs help with a variety of things. We look forward to students who are able to work here and be flexible. (6 students needed)

Washington Discovery Academy

We will go to Washington Discovery Academy, an elementary school in Plymouth, and interact with students and help in whatever way we can. (10 students needed)


Nate will have a physical copy of the form to sign in Campus Ministry, or you can print THIS FORM and return to Nate. 

Jefferson Elementary School

We will go to Jefferson Elementary School, an elementary school in Plymouth, and interact with students and help in whatever way we can. (10 students needed)


Nate will have a physical copy of the form to sign in Campus Ministry, or you can print THIS FORM and return to Nate. 

Registration is closed; however, we still have MANY spots available! 

It is a requirement that all students participate. Please join us in Cana Hall on Monday, January 20 at 11 am. You will be able to choose your service project when you arrive. 

We look forward to serving with you! 


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